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Miles Younger

Younger For Longer Plan

“My Younger for Longer plan is an individually tailored programme proven to keep you looking younger, no matter what your age.”

  • Proven results-without the need for expensive invasive treatments.
  • One single session gives you the knowledge for a lifetime of results!
  • It’s simple, with private celebrity clients and access to exclusive products, with this plan you will see a real difference!

“Think how much you pay to have a facial or botox or even service your car? This is for you and for the rest of your life…you will feel and look amazing for your age.”



With the ‘Younger For Longer Plan’ every aspect of your skin care, hair care, cosmetics, dietary advice and supplement intake will be designed for you as an individual, reflecting your needs and lifestyle. In consultation with leading dieticians and nutritional biochemists I have the very latest knowledge on anti-ageing. Each of us has different needs, areas of concern and weaknesses. This is about coming up with the right plan for you.


You will notice results in how you feel in a matter of days but it keeps getting better and better. Soon it will start to show on your face and people will comment on how well you look.  Within 6 weeks you will see a visible improvement in your appearance using highly effective products and advice that I have tried on previous clients to great effect. Some of these are exclusive discoveries and bring impressive results. This, along with steady care and maintenance means you will stay looking younger for longer. It’s never too early to start so don’t leave it too late.


PRESS QUOTE: “Stuart Miles is the UK’s leading expert on how to age well. He can often be seen on national TV and on radio and has worked with an extensive list of celebrities who have called upon Stuart for his expert advice! He is also the founder of MilesYounger.com”

Russel, 46 years old photographed in identical natural lighting, before and after just 6 weeks.  No filters, no make up, just honest visible improvement in his appearance. 

“This has made a huge difference to my skin and the way I feel about my self.  I was sceptical to begin with but by sticking to the plan I have seen some amazing results in just 6 weeks. I honestly would recommend this to anybody!

Ruseel Before/After
Russel Before/After



Gillian, 58 years old.

“My skin feels softer, younger more pliable, it’s been a vast improvement. Can’t believe it’s happened in such a short time! My two sons and my youngest sons girlfriend have noticed a difference.”

“I’ve learnt how important skincare is if you want to look your best. As you get older if you haven’t started young then you need to do more. I wish I’d  started in my 20’s/30’s. My forehead lines are improved and around and underneath the eyes…my skin feels younger.”

“It’s made a world of difference to how I feel about my appearance, and
In turn my self confidence.”



Steve, 65 years old photographed indoors before and after 8 weeks. No filters, no make up, just honest visible improvement in his appearance especially around the eye area.

“Think how much you pay to have your car serviced…£110 an hour? This is for the rest of your life.”

“I don’t think that you’re ever too old, I would guess it’s beneficial to start as soon as possible. Your skin is always going to get older but you need to manage that process. I will definitely continue as it’s built up into a daily and weekly routine now. I’ve learnt what to do, what not to do and how best to look after myself. It has improved my skin and it does feel better.

All of my case studies are available for further information if required.

Real People making a Real difference to the way they look.

One session will last you forever!