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Miles Younger

What Women Really Think About Ageing Men?

Traditionally ageing men have had the luxury of not having to bother about how lines and wrinkles affect their looks. Society has often celebrated images of older men describing them as in their prime. How often have you heard the expression, he is getting better with age?

Unfortunately women it seems aren’t afforded the same luxury but does that mean men can just sit back and do nothing? Can men let the ageing process run its course without a worry or are women more discerning than that?  Men never really give up on the chase and when they see an older man with a pretty young thing on his arm, they assume there is some allure in an ageing man.

What’s really going through women’s heads when it comes to how men age?

I thought it was about time we found out so I headed out to join a group of women on a girls night out. Away from their husbands and boyfriends and with a drink in their hand, they revealed to me what was really going on inside their heads when it comes to men and ageing.

Watch the video to find out!


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