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Proof You Should Never Be Shy About Wearing A Facemask.

I’m on a mission to inspire men to take control of the ageing process and to not be shy about the work that needs to be done. A facemask is not pure vanity, just maintenance.

That’s why I made this video, it’s obviously tongue in cheek but shows how men’s attitudes are changing and hopefully they will continue to do so. The new dad who uses a facemask, the cabbie who wants to impress his wife and the business man on the escalator who wants to go for facemask beers, they all feature on this video.

As you will see, some are not quite so keen! I would really like to try and convince those men who still view certain treatments as un-masculine, or just too much of a faff, that the results are worth it!  The facemask is a prime example.

These days many more men are happy to try these things out, especially with the appearance of the black charcoal peel off mask to remove blackheads. In my opinion this is a bit of a gimmick; it’s really a once a month treatment but when used correctly does have some great results in clearing all your blocked pores. When using this mask, try just focussing on problem areas such as around your nose.

If you use this treatment too regularly beware, you may damage your skin in the long term. They are far too aggressive for most people’s skin.

What I am encouraging is the kind of mask that nourishes and tones your skin which is so important as we grow older. They provide the sort of deep down skin conditioning that a moisturiser alone cannot provide. A face mask will penetrate much more deeply into the pores and the deeper layers of your skin, if applied correctly.

Facemask tip

Use a really hot flannel and lay this on your face for 30 seconds before applying. This will open up your pores and make the mask much more effective.

Cheapest Facemask ever!

Speaking of hot flannels, a really great tip is to place one on your face for a minute and then splash with really cold water for another minute and repeat! This opens and closes the pores and really cleanses, tones and conditions your skin without the need for any product. It will help moisturise any dry areas and then when complete you should apply a light moisturiser as protection.

Moisturiser Fact!

I never think of moisturiser as providing moisture, they are a much more effective barrier to protect your skin. They actually keep the moisture already within your skin locked in to prevent it drying out. Regular hot flannel treatments and of course drinking lots of water is the key to providing the moisture your skin needs.

If you are a member of a gym then a steam room is another great way to do this but make sure you close your pores when completed with a cold water rinse or shower. A cold shower happens to be really good for you as well, it’s proven to kick start your immune system and even increase testosterone. It has tremendous benefits for your skin and overall health, cold water swimming is even better!

No one could accuse you of trying an un-masculine treatment then!

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