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Miles Younger

Why Miles Younger?

The older I get the more I think it’s unfair that as men we sometimes feel we are just supposed to ignore the signs of ageing. We are not supposed to be bothered about such things apparently?

Some will accuse us of being overly vain, others just feel they simply don’t have the time to spend on themselves. When we do make the effort, with men in particular, it’s easy to focus on the body whilst forgetting about the face. Like it or not, our face is what the world judges us all on at first glance.

In my early thirties, I started to spot the first real signs of ageing. Like most of my friends I was stressed, trying to do too much and lacked the motivation to look after myself. I felt sleep-deprived and was probably drinking more than I should. I knew that if I wanted to stay looking younger I’d better make some changes. And fast!

I wanted to find something that met my needs, not something that meant hours at the gym or in front of the mirror. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on cosmetic facial treatments that might only last 3 months. I wanted to find a lifestyle regime that anyone can adopt with a busy life and one which is sustainable!

Men Looking Younger for Longer

I started to research the area and uncovered some surprising and simple truths when it comes to how we age. Along the way I discovered the latest research in anti-ageing skin care, hair care and cosmetics that along with a healthy diet and supplements, can help us to stay looking younger. I have implemented these things, realised they worked and discovered that lots of us are missing out.

Spending a few minutes on yourself in front of the mirror isn’t vanity, it’s maintenance. Young men are so much better at this, many have no problem with treatments that a quarter of a century ago would have been considered unmasculine.

Women, This Is For You Too

Women, you of course have always lead the way but maybe now it’s time to knock a few years off your man, or perhaps you’re just curious for yourself? Check out some of my ideas and remember some of us men may need a bit of encouragement.

So that’s why I have set out in a new direction and decided to share my experience and my secrets with you. I know this stuff works and I really want it to work for you.

Miles Younger is born.

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