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How To Use Hair Fibres For Fine or Thinning Hair.

Let me share something with you, I have baby fine hair and it is starting to get on my nerves! 

As we age our hair tends to become finer in both men and women and I have noticed the same thing happening to me. The problem is that in photos it can appear almost bald on certain patches on my head. Spotlights from above are my enemy! There IS hair there, but it’s just fine and fair so that in bright light it actually appears almost see through on the crown and where my parting falls.

HOW to solve it?

Thickening serums and sprays can definitely help but don’t always give my hair the strength and colour to look thicker, both in real life and on camera. Then I met professional make-up artist Debbie Storey who introduced me to hair fibres. These tiny particles, almost like dust, are sprinkled into the hair and then attach themselves to the hair follicle like tiny needles to thicken and separate strands. They also contain colour which serves to disguise any see through areas of your scalp.  If you watch the video here  you can see Debbie expertly apply them and the big difference it makes.

Where to Find Hair Fibres

She is using a brand by ‘Fudge’ called Root Disguiser. I have also found ‘Nanogen’ hair fibres to be very effective and also the celebrity hairstylist ‘Jamie Stevens’ does a good range.  The trick seems to be to choose the right colour depending on your hair. Most people’s hair isn’t just one uniform colour so actually 2 colours or maybe even 3 works best. Apply the darker colour first as this will help blend into your roots and then a slightly lighter colour through the front where it tends to be lighter anyway. When applying, less is more as you can always add to it. It is important to add some spray afterwards to help hold the fibres in and also protect them from moisture. Some brands recommend their own fixing spray.

I still pay attention to my diet and take hair supplements containing biotin which really help but these fibres provide a quick fix and one that you will feel confident with when out and about. Even if you are losing some hair it will help disguise this and thicken up what remains, thus distracting from what is really going on. Lots of people’s hair just thins and you don’t see the dramatic hair loss that some suffer and for these people like me who are in limbo as to what to do, these fibres may well help you out.

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