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Top Tips For Beards And Looking Younger.

Man with beard

The Beard is bang on trend but if you want to look younger for longer here are my top tips for beards to make sure you wear them well. For some men a beard can enhance their looks but for others it can detract, the trick is to work out which you are!

Beards and face shape.

As men, when we grow older we tend to put the weight on in two places, our stomachs and our faces.  As a consequence of this we can end up with a less pronounced jaw line than we may have displayed in our youth. Exercise can help but it’s hard to totally rewind the clock to a time when you may have been out on the sports field or in the gym 3 or 4 times a week.

A neatly cropped beard is a great way to try and add some definition to back this jawline area. It can also help distract from any male pattern baldness that might be going on. To put it less tactfully, if you’re worried about a double chin then try a beard! I don’t have the strongest chin or jawline, it certainly helped me add some definition. If, however you are one of these guys with a strong jawline, my advice is to remain bare faced.

Here’s why.

Look at George Clooney here without facial hair, he has a strong jaw line.

Movie Star, George Clooney.

With facial hair the Clooney jaw is now softened and his face looks rounder as a consequence. He still looks good but the overall appearance is weaker and less impactful.  Proof I hope you’ll agree, that it doesn’t work for everyone.

Look at your face shape, if it’s oblong with a defined jawline then a beard may not enhance but detract. If your face is round or your jawline is weaker, then facial hair may well have a great impact. It will strengthen your face and give your jawline more power. It can also help your appearance if you have a long nose or high forehead because it balances out the face by making it appear longer.

Top Tips For Beard colour.

Pals of mine will say they can’t grow a beard because they have discovered some grey, well I say to them that’s what beard dye is for isn’t it? A little bit of grey here or there can be covered, however if your beard is totally grey it may be wise to embrace this, it can be a great look!

‘Just For Men’ do a brilliant range for beards and moustaches, it’s easy to apply and takes under 5 minutes to work before you shower it off. My tip is, if in doubt try the lighter brown shade first as it will look more natural. The darker brown shade will work best where there is more significant grey. These dye’s if applied correctly won’t cover all your grey, nor should they, otherwise your beard could end up looking fake!

If you follow me on Instagram and have never tried it before, I have done a really easy demo as part of my ‘Miles Younger in a Minute’ series, it’s dead easy! If you are worried about the colour looking natural then my advice is to apply it before you trim your beard, the trimming process will soften the look if it subsequently appears too strong.


Top Tips For Beard shape.

Check out my mate Sean’s beard, it’s epic and has been cleverly shaped by his barber to add a squarer look to his jawline!

Impressive Beard Shaping

As a rule if you are using your facial hair to add definition then a bit of beard shaping won’t go a miss! When trimming try and grade your hair so it is slightly longer on your jawline and then graduate it towards your cheeks and your neck with a slightly shorter setting on your beard trimmer. This is known as beard contouring and is great way to shape your face. For example, you can take away the stubble on the lower cheek to elongate a rounder face. A double chin can be hidden if you contour all the way down to the Adams Apple. With a bit of contouring your beard will look sharper and more natural. If you don’t bother and just shape the beard, the danger is it ends up looking more like a stick on beard!

Beard condition.

There are so many products now, including beard oil that will condition and stop the hair becoming too coarse, itchy and uncomfortable. Look after your beard and it will suit you for many a year. When the day finally comes that you shave it off  the skin underneath will be baby soft. It will have been protected from the elements and you will look even more youthful than you did before, it’s a win win!!

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