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Tips To Reduce The Bags Under Your Eyes

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and needs the most care. I really wish that I had taken more care of this area as it’s usually the first part of us to display lines as we grow older.  

When we put sun cream on our face we are told to avoid the eye area, yet without sunglasses on this leaves the eye area vulnerable to sun damage. If we apply moisturiser in a hurry we tend to avoid the eyes so they can end up unprotected from the elements.

Here is the biggest misconception I’ve discovered when it comes to the skin around the eyes.

If you want to banish the bags or dark circles whilst at the same time keeping your eye area wrinkle free, you can’t. These are two completely separate jobs with very different requirements. The biggest mistake I made was applying an eye cream to try and banish my eye bags and all it did was increase them! I was told by a friend one day, I had bags like Sainsbury’s!

Even some creams designed for the eyes can be far too heavy for this delicate area and when absorbed, can puff the area up. Correct application of an anti-wrinkle eye cream though can work wonders long term.

What should you use to reduce puffiness around the eyes?

To banish the bags and dark circles you need to tighten and brighten this area so a liquid or gel is best.   These type of products tighten the skin, giving the illusion that the eye bags are reduced, whilst helping drain the fluid that has accumulated under the eyes.

I discovered my sister used Liz Earle’s eyebright straight from the fridge on a cotton wool pad as an instant eyelift to tighten and remove the bags. It was so refreshing for tired eyes and made me feel and look wide awake. My mum swears by Clarins eye gel and a good friend who works in the media uses Origins ‘no puffery’ straight from the fridge. As I know, only too well, these are great for those early mornings after a late night!

They can be applied all around the eye area lightly using just your fingertips, being careful not to place it near the inside corners of your eye. In this particular area the product can be easily absorbed under the skin, again increasing puffiness.

Alternative things to try

I have also learnt that too much salt in your diet can also cause puffiness around the eyes as it increases fluid retention over your entire body.  If you are really concerned try cutting down on the salt and see if it makes a difference around your eye area. It will no doubt have other health benefits.

Finally, cold teabags, cucumber or raw potatoes are also all natural solutions people swear by and of course they’re cheap! Each should be applied for 15 to 20 minutes though to have an effect.  I don’t know about you but I couldn’t be bothered first thing in the morning, but I’m curious!

So once the bags are reduced we can look to protect this delicate area which I will come to next time!

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