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Tips For Hiding The Receding Hairline

Receding hairline

There aren’t many of us who will escape a receding hairline, even if it’s just the slow recession of the hair either side of the forehead, those two annoying semi circles of skin that seem to gradually grow, making the forehead appear bigger in the process.

Every time we part our hair on the side we think, has that crept back slightly? We find a random hair where once our original hairline lay, like the only surviving blade of grass on a freshly laid patio! I too have seen this happen slowly and wondered, will it ever stop or slow down. Thankfully for me it has slowed down and I will be sharing some of my secrets with you soon, meanwhile here are some really quick tips for hiding a receding hairline that I find useful.

1. Avoid hair conditioner or shampoos that moisturise

I never use hair conditioner as it tends to soften the hair and can weigh it down if you have fine hair, that way it can end up looking even more limp. Far better to add any products after drying as you can control exactly how much you use and direct it to where it’s needed most. Thickening hairsprays work much better than thickening conditioners in my experience. I also try to avoid shampoos that contain harsh sulfates which can strip your hair. This way my hair tends not to end up like straw without the need for conditioner. I love Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary shampoo or JASON thin to Thick extra volume shampoo. These are both great for men’s hair that may be slightly thinning.

2. Avoid all hair gels or greasy hair wax

This will clump the hair together at the front and reveals the scalp even more. Instead I use a light matt clay that isn’t sticky or greasy to give a matt finish, it may also thicken the hair.

3. Don’t keep your hair too long

Avoid wearing your hair too long, especially on the top as when this is swept over, or worse still swept back, it will accentuate your hairline and make you look older. A shorter style with slightly longer layers on top works well and if you lift it up at the front this can balance out a larger forehead.

4. Try a beard to draw attention away from your receding hairline

Even clever stubble can help achieve this, look out for my blogs on beard/stubble care as it’s important to get it right.

5. Add a sea salt spray before drying to add volume and strength

This stops the hair being too soft and gives it strength and a texture so it sits better without the need for styling product which can weigh it down. I love Bumble and Bumble surf spray!

Good luck with these quick and easy tips to hide your receding hairline and let me know how you get on!

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