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How To Stay Looking Our Best At Christmas.

looking our best at Christmas

With all the celebration of the festive season, most of us see a real change in the way we look. What we all really want is to stay looking our best at Christmas. As we grow older our bodies ability to deal with all that over indulgence declines and it really starts to show. Puffy, tired, pale looking faces and feeling worn out all result in us looking older and forces many of us into an extreme detox and diet in January.

There is another way and that is to counter the effects of our predicted over indulgence at Christmas with supplements to give our system a boost. It’s like sending in the back up troops to help support you, like mini warriors, protecting and nurturing your system. If you follow my advise you’ll be starting January ahead of the game by having looked after yourself. That way you will have less need to put it under even more strain by starting a severely restricted diet or detox.  The whole idea of a detox in January doesn’t make sense to me. Your body is detoxing all the time and what you need to do is support this process at the time you are over indulging, not a month later when the damage is already done

Which supplements should you be taking over Christmas?

Milk Thistle.

Stress, over indulgence and believe it or not too much sleep can leave our systems sluggish and less able to detox efficiently. The major organ responsible for this is the Liver and so supporting this vital organ is crucial. Milk Thistle supplements support our liver function by helping to increase the production of bile that deals with the breakdown of fats into our bloodstream.  There is also evidence that it can help the liver detoxify itself due to the effects of alcohol at this time of year. It’s all round one of the best supplements you can take at this time of year. It is also reported that because milk thistle’s antioxidants help remove pollutants and waste from our bodies, it can help slow down the ageing process!


Given that we are flooding our systems with excess sugar this time of year I recommend a good Chromium supplement. Chromium helps balance blood sugar levels to give us stable energy levels. It does this by supporting more efficient insulin production.  One of the advantages of this is it helps prevent the ageing effects that too much sugar has on our skin. You can read more HERE

There is some evidence that it also helps with weight gain. By balancing blood sugar our body is less likely to store these excess calories as fat.

B Vitamins.

These essential vitamins are depleted by alcohol consumption and are energy boosting so up your intake at Christmas.

Probiotic supplements.

How many times have you felt really bloated over the Christmas period? A good probiotoic supplement will help support your digestive system against that winter bloat. These good bacteria are often depleted by the routine use of antibiotics. Alcohol can have a negative effect on our intestines. A good balance of healthy gut bacteria can help support digestion by increasing our digestive enzymes. This will help decrease painful bloating. They also have an amazing anti-ageing ability according to the latest science.

Read my article HERE about how to get more into your diet!

Green tea.

Finally if you like green tea then try to make sure you enjoy a cup a day over the Christmas period to help detox! The antioxidants it contains will give your system a boost and you won’t be complaining about it’s reported weightloss abilities.

Finally all that remains for me to say is have a very Happy Christmas. Have an amazing time and never deny yourself a treat, we’ve all earnt it!  Just remember to help yourself and support your system at the same time. It makes perfect sense.


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