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Spring clean yourself!


Winter is on the way out and our skin and hair has had a battering, so it’s time to Spring clean yourself.. Central heating, comfort eating and a lack of natural daylight all take their toll. With longer days ahead many of us feel a renewed sense of energy and positivity and intend to cram a lot more into life. This is a great time for you to make sure your skincare routine is efficient and most importantly fuss free so you look your best even at the most hectic of times. When we are on the go we don’t want an array of bottles and products to cart around with us. Your gym bag or weekend away packing needs to be quick and efficient. For some a huge array of products equals vanity, I prefer to see it as maintenance but there is no need to have a load of bottles with you. Here are some simple ideas and products that are easy to use first thing in the morning, post gym or before heading out when you have found yourself with just a couple of minutes to spare in the bathroom!

Combine face and stubble cleansing.

For men who have stubble or any kind of facial hair keeping it clean and conditioned is key but the same for the rest of the face and the skin under our beard.  Too often we over-strip the skin on our face using a harsh product that doesn’t suit both skin and beard.

There are now specific face and stubble cleansers around like Mancave face and stubble daily cleanser. This product has been designed to soothe and moisturise your skin and also specifically condition your stubble. Due to the naturally derived ingredients in this cleanser the skin is moisturised in a non-greasy and gentle way. This will avoid those dry patches under your beard or stubble which can cause flakes.

Avoid the flushed look!

Many of us leave the gym in a hurry with a flushed face from a heavy workout, a relaxing sauna or a hot shower. If you are heading straight to meet people then you need to calm the face down and take some heat out of it. Moisturising is important when you have been working out but if you are still lightly sweating or the face feels flushed it can sometimes feel odd and easy to give it a miss.  Fit Kit do a post exercise cool down facial moisturiser. It contains Wild Gooseberry to help calm excess redness and energises with cooling peppermint.  It means when you are on the go you can calm your skin down quickly ready to face that night out or that important breakfast meeting.

Packing lightly!

Heading away for the weekend, want to pack lightly then it’s important to find products that can cover all bases. You want to keep your skincare simple but still get the results. Beauty Kitchen do a men’s skincare product called Balm Solo. You can use it as a cleanser, pre-shave cleanser (for a closer, more comfortable shave), moisturiser, mask and problem skin balm. The oils prepare and nourish the skin and the activated charcoal draws out grease, grime and impurities. When you are away and need a one stop shop this product can really help and won’t over-strip your skin with harsh chemicals as it contains lemon, peppermint, lavender and spearmint essential oils that refresh your skin.

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