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Skin Improvement For Life In Just 6 Weeks.

According to reports men feel an increased pressure to maintain a more attractive and younger look in a highly competitive job market. The figures on men reaching for invasive treatments such as botox have skyrocketed over the past few years according to the cosmetic dermatology industry.

As someone who has never had it done but managed to maintain a youthful appearance, I am convinced there is alternative, more natural path for men to follow. Having seen some men make terrible mistakes and sport the frozen look, it’s something that is not only costly at £180-£200 a time, but it can end up looking all kinds of wrong on a man. Most women and men would agree that given the choice they would rather their man look naturally younger, rather than artificially enhanced.


Given that the majority of men are less clued up in general when it comes to the latest, creams, potions and treatments I have set out to prove that with just these things alone and some subtle changes in their diet, men can achieve some incredible results in just 6 weeks. All they need to do is stick to an intensive grooming regime using simple and inexpensive techniques, available to us all.

Russel came to me with skin that displayed all the signs of sun damage over the years. He felt at 46 he looked older than his years and wanted to try to do something about it. Following a detailed consultation on his skin type, I introduced him to my Younger for Longer Plan. The results in just 6 weeks, I hope you’ll agree are impressive

The video above shows a true transformation in his skin condition and according to all his friends he looks younger. Why spend £200 for something that lasts you 3 months when you could be spending less than £40 on products that last you the same time!  It’s all about committing and sticking to the plan, much as you would a gym exercise plan. Men have proved they can do it with their bodies, now it’s time to show we can do it with our faces too. Let the anti-botox revolution begin!

For more information on how I achieved this, see the YOUNGER FOR LONGER PLAN.



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