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According to reports men feel an increased pressure to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market. The figures on men reaching for invasive treatments such as botox have skyrocketed over the past few years according to the cosmetic dermatology industry. As someone who has never had it done but managed to maintain a youthful appearance I am convinced there is alternative, more natural path for men to follow.

Having seen some men make terrible mistakes and sport the frozen look, it’s something that is not only costly at £180-£200 a time, but it can end up looking all kinds of wrong on a man. Most people would agree that given the choice they would rather their man look naturally youthful rather than artificially enhanced and almost all men I know would agree. Given that men are less clued up in general when it comes to the latest, creams, potions and treatments I have set out to prove that with just these things alone and some subtle changes in their diet, men can achieve some incredible results in just 6 weeks. All they need to do is stick to an intensive grooming regime using simple and cheap techniques, available to us all.

Here’s what I achieved it on 3 men of various ages. Russel Birch, 46 years old from London.

Russel came to me with skin that displayed all the signs of sun damage over the years. He felt at 46 he looked older than his years and wanted to try to do something about it. Following a detailed consultation on his skin type, I recommended a simple six week course of a high strength glycolic acid peel applied weekly to exfoliate, refine and re-condition the skin at a deep level. As well as this I recommended an intensive daily moisturising treatment that contained SPF and some fake tan to help even his skin tone. Finally, a nightly retinol based cream to soften the wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. Total cost- £39.69 on all products.

Ruseel Before/After
Russel Before/After

 “This has made a huge difference to my skin and the way I feel about myself.  I was sceptical to begin with but by sticking to the plan I have seen some amazing results in just 6 weeks.”

Ionel, 34 years old from Romania.

Ionel  was concerned that at 34 years old he was developing too many lines and was always looking exhausted. Following a consultation, I made some changes to his sugar-laden diet which was ultimately draining his energy and affecting his skin condition. He replaced sugar laden energy drinks and sweets with water and whole fruit to improve his skin condition. I introduced a gradual tan moisturiser to protect his skin and also offer a hint of fake tan which built up to make him look healthier and less tired. I taught him how to effectively use a morning eye gel to help treat the skin around the eyes and banish those eye bags. Finally, he used an anti-wrinkle night cream I recommended to help the skin restore and repair itself during sleep.

Total cost -£27.49 on all products!


“Well as you know there are no miracles in this world but your plan was great and I would say that my skin and appearance definitely looks better”

Steve, 65 years old from York.

Steve already used some products on his skin but was intrigued to see whether he could improve things, even at his age! I say it’s never too late to start and with the right products and advice tailored for you, you will see results.  After consultation with Steve I recommended a weekly lactic acid peel which is good for sensitive skin and will recondition and exfoliate the skin at a deeper level than face scrubs. He used a daily eye gel to reduce the eye bags along with some serum at night to help reduce the wrinkles. I also introduced Steve to some facial exercises to concentrate on toning the neck and lower face area. These are great to repeat a few times a week in our 60’s when we are losing that all important muscle tone.

Total cost on products- £35.60 on all products.


“I don’t think that you’re ever too old, I would guess it’s beneficial to start as soon as possible. Your skin is always going to get older but you need to manage that process. I will definitely continue as it’s built up into a daily and weekly routine now.”

Invasive treatments like botox can be effective but in my opinion, only as a last resort. For many men, a simple and effective grooming regime with the right products can be hugely effective and cost you much less! Why spend £200 for something that lasts you 3 months when you could be spending less than £40?It’s all about committing and sticking to the plan, much as you would a gym exercise plan. Men have proved they can do it with their bodies, now it’s time to show we can do it with our faces too.

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