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Male Pattern Baldness-What’s the right thing to do?

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A healthy, thick head of hair on a man of certain years is a thing of mystery for many of us. Older guys like Richard Gere or Harrison Ford are viewed with envy, as if they have some key to the elixir of life that the rest of us aren’t privy too! On the other hand there are guys like Jason Statham who have embraced their male pattern baldness, shaved their head and are balding gracefully. He looks great!

For many of us though, the fear and reality of losing our hair can be a big blow to our self-esteem. Men love to fix things and unfortunately this has been one thing that has eluded us over the years.  But now with new drugs and the latest surgical technology, help is out there in bucket loads.  The problem is how to sort the facts from the fiction when you are feeling vulnerable and desperate for a miracle cure.

I wanted to write this article and share the experiences of my friends to give you an overview of where we are currently at in this crowded market.

Male pattern baldness is something up until now we have been unable to control as this is connected to our genes and the hormone testosterone which creates something called DHT, the cause of hair loss. New treatments now are focused on inhibiting the production of DHT, like Propecia or to use it’s official name Finasteride. It’s effective and easy to get hold of from your Doctor or pharmacy but you need to keep taking it.  Finasteride is not a cure in that sense but it will help prevent further hair loss, as long as you keep taking it.

It’s not right for everyone though. One of my mates has tried Finasteride but had to come off it due to what a doctor would describe as erectile dysfunction. ‘I couldn’t get it up mate” was his exact description to me! This is one potential side effect of a drug that for many has been a miracle worker. Don’t be put off by that, it’s different for every guy.

If you are having problems with Finasteride, could a natural supplement be an option for male pattern baldness?

There is some evidence that flaxseed supplements could slow down the creation of DHT in a similar way but again there is conflicting evidence. Such as here, where they sing its benefits.


However other studies reveal that one side effect is that it actually decreases testosterone levels which can cause all sorts of other issues, at best fatigue and at worst, fatty deposits around the chest area. In other words the dreaded man boobs!


Again, it’s a case of try it and it may work for you but beware of the side effects and if you notice a change come off it immediately.

Other natural supplements that have been found to inhibit DHT production include Saw Palmetto and Grape Seed extract and maybe worth investigating.

There are also some hair growth supplements that contain ingredients like Biotin and Marine protein complexes to improve the condition and thickness of your hair. They may help slow down hair loss by keeping your existing hair in good condition. This could be a good strategy when you spot the early signs.

If all else fails there is always the surgery route!

Do not underestimate the effects that losing your hair can have on some men’s self-esteem and confidence. A friend of mine was so concerned he actually paid out for a hair transplant. It was expensive but here’s what he told me.

“I didn’t have to tell anyone. I had it done on a Thursday afternoon and worked from home on Friday and by Monday you couldn’t tell. After that the change was so gradual that people would comment that I looked good but they could never put their finger on what was different.”

It’s not for everyone and you need to go to a reputable surgeon but you would be surprised how many men have had it done and you would have no idea! I know of at least one high profile TV presenter who does this regularly and subtly and without it he would be completely bald at the front. It’s not cheap though!

If you are thinking of going down this route can I recommend this fantastic guy and his website.


Spencer or Spex as he is known, really knows his stuff.  He decided to go down the surgery route but made some expensive mistakes along the way and now he helps guys make the correct informed decisions on their hair loss journey. He told me the industry is still a minefield.

“It’s still as bad if not worse.  So many companies have jumped on the band waggon due to the increase in the amount of people wanting to go down this route. There is literally a handful only, you can trust. I’ve seen some awful old school surgery by unethical clinics”

Spex’s advise is

“Do not rush into it despite the fact you want a quick fix, that’s when the oily sales people try and catch you, when you are at your most vulnerable. Price is never a good indicator so avoid deals, discounts and those that hound you! Clinics for example, that advertise on gumtree probably need you more than you need them”

We both agree it’s all about stabilising hair loss and prevention is better than cure. Surgery is never an option that should be considered lightly. However until they come up with a genetic way to reverse male pattern baldness, for many this remains the only effective way of them dealing with their hairloss.

I can only conclude that whatever route you take research it thoroughly. For those of us who still have our hair, don’t take it for granted, look after it both from the inside and the outside. Keep it looking thick and healthy and try not to worry about any minor hairloss until you really feel you need to. For more tips CLICK HERE

This seems to be the healthy way to go.


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