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One of the biggest things you can do to improve how you look in 2019 is to come up with a time efficient skin and haircare regime, something that takes less time and more impact to look your best.

Lots of so-called miracle skin care regimes and treatments take time and involve too much faff, time most of us simply haven’t got.  Be honest how many products do you have in your bathroom cabinet that you hardly ever get around to using.  They just sit there until a mate uses your bathroom and judges you on the array of products, half of which I bet you hardly use. You want to look after your skin, you want to look better and maybe younger but spend less time and less money-here’s how!

Have a bathroom detox and streamline your products.

Divide your grooming routine into a simple am and pm routine and follow these simple rules.

For your Am routine you need to wake up your skin, hair and scalp and then protect and nourish it for the day ahead. You only need 3 products for your face and three for your hair. For your pm routine you just need two products for your face. That’s a grand total of just 8 products! Anymore and you could be simply wasting time and money!

Here’s how it works.


One gentle exfoliator for the face, one protective moisturiser and an eye lotion or gel to wake up the eye area is all you need first thing. The gentle exfoliator should contain fruits acids or alpha hydroxy acids rather than a harsh scrub that they tend to market to males. Scrubs are ok in moderation if they are gentle and natural and avoid the plastic micro-beads! Protecting your skin with a moisturise that contains an spf of at least 15 and preferably 25-30 is key. This is worth spending a bit more on to find something that is rich and really protects your skin. Finally eye creams or gels as I prefer, can be found cheaply. Look for something that has some form of retinol in it but avoid hyarulonic acid in an eye cream as it can make your eyes look more puffy!

For your hair,  you need just one bottle of gentle shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair and scalp of it’s natural oils. Look for natural or organic based shampoos as they are less harsh and you can use them most days. Use a hair texturising product rather than conditioner, depending on your hair type.  Fine hair can be thickened with sea salt or a thickening spray and thick hair can be tamed with a spray in straightening product. Finally a finishing product. A matt based clay if you like some movement, a hairspray or spray in thickening fix if you prefer something more robust.


It is so important to cleanse your face before bed….hot water followed by a cold water rinse in an emergency. See if you can find a gently foaming cleanser with natural ingredients that won’t overstrip your skin, these work well.  Even oily skin can benefit from this sort of face wash as over-stripping it can aggravate the problem of excess oil. When complete, moistursie your face with a night cream that contains a proven anti-ageing ingredient such as retinol or  certain peptides. If you face is cleansed the product will be more effective and your skin will be able to grow more efficiently overnight. And that is it!

It’s so simple.

8 products used everyday not 21 products that you might use a few of when you are going on a big night out and looking to impress.  The key is routine and the simpler it is the more likely you will stick at it. The more you stick at it…the greater the results. This routine is quick, efficient and will get results. With the men’s grooming market ever expanding brands will try and convince you of the need to buy more but unless you have the time to do it all you will find it gets left behind when life takes over.

Stick to the basics, do it religiously and you will look better!



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