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Why You Should Ignore Anti-Ageing Promises and Simply Age Well Instead!

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Ask most people over 30 to look in their bathroom cabinet and they will no doubt find something with the phrase anti-ageing on it. This phrase was basically created by cosmetic firms to enable them to convince us the consumer of the power of their products to turn back the clock!

Can we really ever turn back the clock?

As a specialist in ageing who helps clients look better I am always careful not to sell them false hope. Yes, with the right key ingredients the skin’s appearance can be improved giving us a far more youthful appearance. But to call this anti-ageing, is that going too far? Products like Retinol have been proven to help deep set wrinkles appear finer and AHA’s such as Glycolic acid has been proven to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. These are examples of products that can definitely help improve things, especially for people who have sun damaged skin or have neglected themselves over the years. There is quantifiable and definite skin improvement but the phrase anti-ageing suggests that somehow your miracle pot of cream can somehow stop the ageing process in its tracks.

The ageing process goes on inside every single cell of our body which is why lifestyle, diet and making sure we supplement with the right things as we get older all play a massive part in how we age. Actually, I believe that some fruit and vegetables could be more realistically labelled anti-ageing than say a pot of cream and it might make people buy them more! Another exciting area of research at the moment is that connected to our gut health and ageing. By making sure we keep the good bacteria in healthy supply, we can keep ourselves fitter and younger.

Do quick fixes ever work?

Many of us however wait until it’s too late and I’m as guilty as the next man.  We want a quick fix which is why treatments like botox and fillers and various forms of skin refining technology have become popular. None of them are cheap options but you will often see instant results. Not everyone can afford this luxury and even for those who can it’s something that can sometimes ruin your faces individuality if you are not careful. We want our faces, which is what the world sees every day to be a true reflection of the person that we feel inside. However, we may feel like a 25 year old inside and if we are 50 we are never going to look like that and it’s a mistake to try to do so. For me I encourage people to manage the ageing process throughout their life at key stages to avoid the need for anything dramatic.  Ageing gracefully and looking good for your age means you will have no need to reach for the botox. Your aim is to look younger, more vibrant and healthier than anyone else of your age and this is really achievable with the right amount of care. You need to tackle things from the inside whilst protecting yourself from more damage from the outside, being mindful to tackle any problems as soon as they appear.

Why Ageing Matters.

I believe that looking good isn’t about denying the ageing process, age is something to be proud of, it’s a symbol of experience. It’s odd that in other cultures they respect their elderly as wise and knowledgeable, yet we see them here as out of touch and past it!  For me it’s not about denying how we age but instead delaying it, slowing down the ageing process and looking younger for longer. That when we look in the mirror or when we are complimented, we feel fantastic!




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