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Forbidden nights:Forgotten skincare?

I’m thrilled to announce that in the New Year I am going to be working with The Forbidden Nights-The UK’s premier male variety show, on their skincare.

I’ve known their founder Billy for years, we even used to do a radio show together. He has built his own hugely successful brand with the Forbidden Nights. Forbidden Nights have taken all the best elements form the world of Male Strip Shows and Circus to bring you this new age of female Entertainment, taking the world by storm! After smashing their Britain’s Got Talent audition, Forbidden Nights has been a huge success. With their Saturday night residency show in London and UK Theatre Tour they are busy boys. It’s been stressful at times for it’s creator, but Billy had a dream and made it happen.

Why Skincare?

I managed to catch up with them as they prepared for their Saturday night show to find out whether a group of guys who clearly have to spend a lot of time working on their bodies are also remembering to look after their faces. Lifting weights, sun beds and late nights can all play havoc with your skin’s condition. It’s all about the fake tan these days but when you are built like a Greek god and attract the attention of females wherever you go, it’s easy to forget that we are all human and we all age.

These boys need to stay looking as fresh faced as possible for as long as possible. It’s easy to neglect your skincare when you are young but starting early is the key to gaining the best results as you age.

Check out my chat with them and find out what happened right at the end when I asked Lewis, the compere, to guess my age. I think he was been overly generous or needs glasses but the reaction is priceless!

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