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What Happens To Our Eyebrows As We Age?

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The question, what happens to our eyebrows as we age is one you may know the answer to already. What are those random white wiry things that seem to suddenly appear from nowhere? One day your brows are fine and then without warning this grey tentacle seems to be reaching out and waving at passers-by.

Maybe this is you, maybe it isn’t? I thought it was about time I looked into brows to find out what’s going on and if there is anything we can do to keep them looking younger.

How to prevent grey hairs in your brows at a younger age?

It is believed that the male hormone that causes baldness is also the cause of increased ear, nose, and eyebrow hair growth in men. It’s like when we lose hair in one place, it’s given back to us in another. Not altogether welcome, to be honest! To make things worse, it seems to grow back thicker, as if all that hair growth has less places to go. This can happen at any age. As well as the obvious thing such as bad diet and stress the following have been shown to cause premature grey hairs appearing.

Vitamin D is not just essential to maintain bone and skin health, it is equally essential for balancing the hair colouring chemicals of melanin. Its deficiency hampers something called Eumelanin which leads to grey hair in our  eyebrows.

Vitamin B12 and Biotin, also known as Vitamin H are also important. Eat eggs, bread, cheese, onions, cucumber, cashews and almonds in your daily diet to keep the grey hair issues at bay at a younger age.

How to tackle those grey brow hairs?

There comes a point where it is unavoidable and it’s a question of management, so trimming or plucking is required. Be so careful when plucking and shaping as you don’t want to end up looking like a drag queen! As an easy rule, the eyebrow starting point should follow a vertical line up from the middle of your nostrils. Try using a comb and you’ll see where they should naturally start. Plucking out anything in between is sensible but when it comes to the rest, only take out those stray hairs. Overly shaped eyebrows look awful on guys, in my opinion.

Here’s a method for dealing with the stray hairs.

Comb hair straight up towards your hairline. Then, grab a small pair of scissors to trim any hairs that extend above your natural brow’s border. It will be obvious which ones are the culprits. When this is done, if they still look a bit unruly, then shaping them with product can really help. Try men’s hair wax, the solid type and warm it between your hands before applying to your brows using a fingertip. As it cools down it will harden and keep any strays firmly in place.

Home remedies.

There are some lesser known home remedies you can try. Believe it or not, black tea and black coffee apparently make effective eyebrow masks which can turn grey hair back to black yet again. Be careful when you apply them and keep your eyes safe. Alternatively if you use beard dye then a tiny amount wiped on and then off after just 20 seconds can help. Please be careful if you apply too much or for too long it can stain your skin, less is more.

If your eye brows are becoming so coarse that they are sticking out, try this.  Whilst you shower carefully add some hair conditioner using your index finger to the eyebrows and leave on for a couple of minutes before showering off. This will leave your brows softer and means that they are more likely to sit flatter against your face which will help tame any wiry ones!

So there you have just a few tips to ensure that you don’t end up brow-beaten!

Remember if eyes are the window to the soul then don’t skimp on the curtains.


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