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Botox-why you should think twice.


I have never had botox or any other kind of invasive anti-ageing treatment but here’s the thing, people don’t believe me and it’s starting to wind me up!

If you have had it done and it looks great and natural, nice one, but I choose not to. The trouble is so many celebrities still feel the need to lie about these treatments in order to give them some advantage over others and I am being tarred by the same brush. If I did feel the need to have it done one day I would tell people, in the meantime I am happy to stick to my own healthy regime and targeted skincare. If you claim that you are naturally youthful due to some strict regime when in reality you have had help in the form of a needle, it’s at best misleading. To be fair the thought of someone altering my face so that I cannot express myself in the same way terrifies me.

What concerns me about botox are the long-term effects so I did some research.

In 2016 a new study from America showed that it can jump between neurons and hit areas it wasn’t intended to treat. Professor Edwin Chapman, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin says it may not be the case that you don’t have to worry about the toxin going into the central nervous system and causing weird effects! This myth that it simply stays where it is injected has been proven not to be true, even though it’s a tiny amount it does move down the neuron pathways. It is unknown how far it travels and what influences that.

Professionals will argue the amount is tiny and it is harmless, yet injected again and again over a number of years how can we be 100% sure? Long term the medical profession believe we haven’t seen any side effects, maybe immediate ones yes but how do they really know what underlying effects it may have? The truth is we simply don’t know. Just because no links have been made between any such condition and long-term use of botox, doesn’t mean one day we won’t find one. No one is looking for it, it’s a huge industry why would they? Following that report in 2016 there was talk of creating a safer drug that doesn’t travel but we were told this one was safe, weren’t we?

My other concern is that some swiss research proved that sensation could be lost in other parts of the body.

Because facial expressions activate different parts of the brain, paralyzing minute facial movements reduces the amount of impulses sent to the brain.  As a result of this a nearby area that responds to input from the hands also becomes underactive. Researchers concluded that the small loss of movement in the face due to botox injections may affect touch sensation in the hands.  Further studies are needed to see if any other parts of the body are affected as well.

Another study back in 2011 suggests it could make it difficult to read your own and others emotions because we detect what others are feeling by instinctively mimicking their facial expressions. Basically, desensitising you to your surroundings.

None of this is new research but somehow seems to have been forgotten by a population ever more obsessed with turning back the clock.

Today I am calling for more research to be done to follow up on these studies.

Personally, I still have concerns about injecting a version of one of the deadliest substances on the planet into me, however tiny the amount. This is no criticism of those who do but merely a wake-up call to think about it seriously before you start down this path. We have become seduced by this multi-million pound industry that offers us an instant fix. My advice is to be happy with what you are really doing to yourself by injecting this substance into your system and consider all the natural alternatives first. If in the future there does turn out to be any kind of issue and I hope not, then those who argue that a human’s vanity is one of their greatest vulnerabilities may well prove to be right.

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