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Miles Younger

Why Ageing Isn’t Just Down To Your Genes.

How many times have you heard someone say, “they’ve got good genes” when talking about how someone is ageing  but no mention of their lifestyle?  If it’s all down to the luck of your genes then we are powerless to do anything about the ageing process, so why bother?  


Here’s the proof  that when it comes to ageing, it’s not just down to your genes

Studies on identical twins who share exactly the same genes prove that they can age differently due to environmental factors, including diet.  During my research, I found out that according to U.S  biochemist Stephen Cherniske, through these studies on twins, only 35% of the ageing process is genetic.  This means that 65% is in your hands.  Whether the actual figure is to be taken as read or not doesn’t deny that a large part of how we look is down to us and factors outside our genetic make-up!

The time and effort you put in when younger will have a massive impact when you are older. So when people ask me what age group I am aiming at with ‘Miles Younger’, I say any age, it’s never too early or indeed too late to start! Even as a teenage lad I will have undoubtedly damaged my skin laying in the sun with no protection on my face, I wish I had bothered now!

I am not denying that genes play a part and it’s important to accept this. Some of us may lose our hair earlier than others or end up going grey sooner. People don’t have a choice about that but they do have a choice about how they manage it. Whatever our genetic make-up one thing we can all do is delay these signs, but remember if genetic, we can never truly deny them!

Delay don’t deny ageing

This is something that I try and stick to when it comes to ageing. Have you seen the scary results when people try to deny it, constantly trying to turn back the clock until they look, how can I put this, a little strange!

It’s really important that we try not to deny how we all age, despite the fact, we always seem to judge each other by our numerical age. That simple number can influence our social lives, especially when it comes to dating. In some cases, it can even influence our career prospects.

Why age is just a number

In my opinion age is actually irrelevant, it doesn’t matter what year you were born, the only thing that matters is how you look, feel and perform. I am 14 years older than my partner but so what and who cares. Some 65 year olds are amazing in their job. They are still sharp, hard-working and with a wealth of experience, why should society assume they might be ready to retire?

Start delaying the signs of ageing today by getting yourself in the right mind set. You are in charge of this ageing process, not some genetic code beyond your control. Take the driving seat and you will see the benefits on your face, your body and in your hair. If you are in your twenties or thirties and you start now you are going to look incredible when you’re my age.  If you’re my age or older then it’s never too late to start.

We are not turning back the clock just slowing it right down, so let’s start today!

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