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Miles Younger

About Stuart Miles

I can’t believe I’m now nearly 50. Some days I feel like it, but most days I don’t. 

I’ve had a busy life so far!

I never really knew what I wanted to do growing up but as soon as I discovered Hospital Radio at aged 14, I never looked back. University followed and then having trained as a journalist I was the new boy, covering such major ground-breaking stories as the ‘Croydon meals on wheels crisis’. Then something amazing happened.

I was given the opportunity to become the 21st presenter on the UK’s most iconic children’s TV show, Blue Peter. During my time on the show I jumped out of planes, I travelled the globe and I even came face to face with a Mountain Gorilla in Uganda! Hosting live television 3 times a week in front of an audience of anything up to 5 million was terrifying to start with but I soon came to enjoy the buzz and excitement of it all.

Since Blue Peter I’ve worked on various projects including travel shows, on different radio stations I even had a spell of doing stand-up dressed as a woman! For the last 7 years I have hosted a radio breakfast show with my alarm going off at 4am every weekday morning. I have also had my fair share of down times.  Like most of us there have been times when I’ve struggled to find work and times when I’ve struggled to actually get up for work after too much late night partying!

Working in the public eye there has always been a pressure to look good and at times I failed miserably!


Someone once told me ‘the time to look good is always’.  I wish I’d listened!

Over the years I saw others looking really amazing for their age which was great but I just I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on cosmetic facial treatments that might only last 3 months.  Also I don’t really like needles and I guess like most men I shy away from these kinds of treatments.

Instead I have tried to follow a healthy lifestyle regime that covers skin, hair, diet and supplements to help prolong a naturally youthful look for as long as possible.

I believe that looking good isn’t about denying the ageing process, age is something to be proud of, it’s a symbol of experience. It’s odd that in other cultures they respect their elderly as wise and knowledgeable, yet we see them here as out of touch and past it!  So for me it’s not about denying how we age but instead delaying it, slowing down the ageing process and looking younger for longer.

I soon realised the images we see of men and women who are looking mega-young for their age are often fake. It’s really tough for people trying to aspire to this when you can never ever achieve the same results, without the use of expensive cosmetic treatments.

What we can all do though is use simple, natural ways to stay looking younger for longer so that when we look in the mirror or when we are complimented, we feel fantastic!

This way our face, which is what the world sees every single day, is a true picture of the person that we feel inside.


At 24 years old I was described as fresh faced but I actually didn’t want to look like that. I wanted to be rugged, chiselled and to look a bit older!

Oh how times have changed. They say youth is wasted on the young and now at twice that age, I am hoping that I am clinging on to at least a small part of that fresh face!