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5 Simple Tips To Look Great This January That Cost You Nothing!

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I don’t know about you but I feel bombarded by January diets, health and fitness tips. It seems the whole world is on a treadmill and sipping green tea at the moment.  But in amongst all this advice it’s easy to forget the simple things we can all try that will very quickly make a difference to how we look and feel about ourselves this month. Diet and fitness works best when it becomes a lifestyle routine, so great results may take time. My 5 simple tips will provide an instant fix and when incorporated into your daily life, you will see the benefits. What’s more it’s all free, no expensive gym memberships or costly eating plans, just simple common sense advice that amongst the mountain of new information, you may well have forgotten.


This is a classic case of the simple stuff that we forget to do. Our bodies dehydrate at night so in order to kick start our system and help our lymphatic drainage we need to be hydrated from the word go.  Drink one pint of pure cold water first thing. Tap water is fine but you may prefer to filter it and drink it straight from the fridge if you live in an area where you feel the water quality is poor. Being cold it will help fire up your metabolism and the hydration that this amount of water provides will kick start your system.  It really works!

When I used to get up at 4am every day I swore by this to wake me up. It was so effective I didn’t reach for my first coffee for an hour.  You must do it as soon as you wake up though and really force it down you, a pint is quite a lot first thing.  Your skin will benefit immediately as it will help decrease puffiness in the morning and help you look younger. This way you will have more energy and better skin for life.



It’s time to take a good long look in the mirror, then look back at old photo’s of yourself from 10 years ago. It may not be a place you want to go but believe you me, it’s useful. Often, we have all the answers on what suits us best, we just need to look at ourselves properly and the easiest way is to compare any changes. Always look at what suits us individually rather than change for changes sake!

Take your hairstyle for example. Be critical and honest with yourself. Does your current style still suit you? How does it suit your face shape?  What does the colour do for you?  Looking at ourselves now and then it is easier to spot those things we need to change but equally important to celebrate those things that you are getting right! A good hairdresser can help fine or thinning hair look thicker, advise on styles if your face is rounder and really make the best of your current look. Maybe you have changed your hairstyle but by looking back realise you prefer how you were, well then change it back! Sometimes we look back and realise that we hit on the perfect style but somehow it got lost along the way. Go for a consultation in January, it’s free and when you feel ready and can afford it, make those changes.



This may sound obvious but we are all good at pretending that we can take certain foods that clearly disagree with us.  We don’t like to admit defeat, but in January let’s be a bit kinder to ourselves. Be it bread, dairy, pasta, eggs, coffee, you will know the foods that don’t agree with you and put simply that’s your body telling you something.  Even cakes, be honest do you suffer an energy slump after eating them? Listen to your body and give it a break! I am not recommending totally cutting out any food group without medical advice but what I am saying is tune in to your own system.

None of us are complete machines and we need to listen to our bodies. If we are intolerant to certain foods it can lower our mood and affect our skin, so by making changes you will feel so much better. Instead of supping on expensive detox green juice just give your system a holiday by avoiding the foods that trigger an energy slump/an allergy or simply indigestion. Your body will tell you the answer, you just need to tune in and listen to it. The evidence that it’s working will show up straight away in your skin, general health and energy levels.



When we think of flannels we think of our grandparents but actually a simple flannel or cloth can work wonders for our skin. My simple hot and cold facial can help decongest your skin and rid it of toxins by opening and closing the pores.  It will also trap moisture in the deeper layers of your skin so it looks fresher, brighter and altogether younger.

  1. When you first wake up you need to improve the flow of lymph fluid and a really simple way to do this is by using a hot steaming flannel. Heat the flannel by dousing it in really hot water and then when it is steaming apply it directly over the face for a minute.
  2. When finished douse the flannel in really ice-cold water and lay it on the face for another minute. This will improve blood circulation and kick start your skin to help reduce puffiness around the eyes. It will also help trap the moisture in your skin, a bit like a face mask.

Repeat this again for one minute at each temperature.  The whole treatment should only take 5 minutes but try to use water that’s so hot the flannel is steaming followed by water that is ice cold. If need be fill a jug with water and add ice cubes and rinse the flannel using that. It will certainly wake you up!


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cheap available ingredients can make fantastic treatments that will improve the way we look. No need for expensive treatments if you are feeling the pinch in January.  It’s already all in our kitchen cupboards and we don’t need to use loads as they are so rich. Here are 3 simple ideas.

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil all make fantastic moisturisers for the body and intensive night time moisturisers for the face. They also make a great hair mask pre-shower to look after and condition your scalp. Just massage into your scalp and leave on for half an hour before then shampooing out twice to leave your hair and scalp in great condition.

Sliced cold cucumber makes a brilliant eye mask. Place the slices over your eyes for 2 minutes for a simple way to de-puff the eye area. It may look daft but hey it’s free from the fridge and just as effective on your eye bags as any expensive product!

Try a milk bath, just simply add milk to your bath. This is a great way to use it up if it’s about to go out of date and your skin will thank you for it. The lactic acid in milk helps clean and soften the skin preventing future dryness, so perfect if you have any dry or eczema prone areas. If you want to add some essential oil, try bergamot.  It’s really uplifting and suits both men and women.

So there we have 5 simple things you can try this month that will have you looking better at the start of the New Year without costing you a single penny. They may not be trending on twitter but they work. It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in complicated science and theory whilst forgetting that by using nature’s ingredients and simply listening to our own bodies, we have all the answers ourselves.

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