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5 Essential Grooming Tips For Bridegrooms.


Give it another 6 weeks and we’ll be into the start of wedding season so now is a good time for me to share my essential grooming tips for Bridegrooms.

The countdown is on, as any future groom will no doubt be aware as he sees his future wife slowly and meticulously transforming herself for the big day. The planning and the stress isn’t only about the event  but how the future couple will present themselves on the big day. Bridegrooms in general try to steer well clear of this as understandably they want all the focus to be on their beautiful bride. They may agree to lose a few pounds before the big day but that’s often where it ends! But for the same reason that they are proud to see their stunning bride walk down the aisle, often a bride may want the groom to have put some effort in too. Those wedding day photos will be with you forever and grooming has never been more important. The word groom is part of the word bridegroom, so it’s definitely telling us something. Grooming for the big day is so important to look healthy, handsome and your best whether there are one or even two grooms.

Here’s 5 simple tips for bridegrooms so you look your best, not just during the ceremony, but all day.

Use a mattifying lotion or moisturiser as shiny faces in photos don’t look great.

Look for moisturisers for oily skin as these will contain products designed to absorb excess oil. If you have dry skin, still use this method but treat your face the night before with an intensive moisturiser. If you have a particularly oily face try oil absorbing sheets throughout the day to keep your complexion shine free. You can buy them at the chemist.

Don’t put fake tan on your face the day before your wedding, it’s far too risky!

Even if you are going for a spray tan for your body, the safer bet is to avoid the face and use a gradual tan moisturiser over 2 weeks or so, before the wedding. This allows you to build up the colour gradually and you can judge when you are happy with it and it looks most natural. That way you won’t spend your wedding day looking Dale Winton orange!

Don’t weigh your hair down with too much product as it will end up looking greasy and flat.

Bear in mind you need to keep your hair looking great for a good few hours.  Apply a matt look modelling clay to add texture rather than a heavy wax. These allow movement and can be re-applied without weighing the hair down.  As a general rule, sweeping the hair away from your face looks neater and sharper when wearing a formal suit.

Sort those tired eyes out as soon as you wake up.

Everyone is looking intensely at your eyes when you exchange those vows so if you are tired, stressed or dare I say it hungover, it will show up in your eyes. Banish those bags when you first wake up. Try a cold compress straight from the fridge, you can find them in most chemists. Then treat them with a cooling eye lotion containing witch hazel or an eye gel straight from the fridge. This will kick start the drainage of your lymph fluid and help de-puff your eyes. If you have dark circles consider using a concealer under your eyes to hide them. You only need a little and it needs to be a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Clearly make sure your future spouse is on board with this but if you have very dark circles, why not!

Have your teeth whitened.

Apart from the obvious like Tobacco and red wine things like curry, tomato-based dishes and some soft drinks can all discolour your teeth. Hopefully you are going to be smiling a lot on your big day so why not have them sorted. A dentist will whiten your teeth professionally and this would be my recommended route. Toothpastes and over the counter whitening products will not have the same impact. Dentists will also protect your gums. You will be really surprised the difference it has to your face, lifting it and making you look younger and healthier.


There you have my 5 essential tips you should action to make sure you look the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Your other half will be proud to show you off during the day and in those wedding photos for many years to come!


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