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The 5 common Mistakes Men Make with their Haircare.


Admit it, when it comes to our hair most men like to spend a bit of time getting it just right. Allowing it not to move a millimetre from that precise style we have cultivated is our key objective and those men who let their hair do exactly what it wants are becoming a rare breed.  We all want control but sometimes in our quest for the perfect hair we make some key mistakes which could be damaging our hair and scalp and put simply, this means we are not looking our best. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Using too much product on your hair.

When we are in a hurry it is tempting to take a big scoop of product using our fingers and then just apply! This is often far too much meaning our hair can clump together too heavily, often revealing the scalp beneath, especially if you have fine hair. One index finger full rubbed into your opposite palm and then applied using the fingers is all you need to start with. Then if you need more simply re- apply the same amount, being careful not to rub it anywhere near the scalp! Your hair will look thicker and stay fuller looking for longer without loads of product weighing it down.

Being lazy and using all in one shampoos.

All in one shampoos and conditioners might seem like a great idea if you are in a hurry but they can leave your hair coated in silicone with continuous use. The product to look out for is ‘Dimethicone’ which will weigh down thin and fine hair over time. All this shampooing is leaving your hair softer but it may become harder to style and could lead to a dry scalp due to over use. Men’s hair is naturally coarser and this often suits our shorter styles so sometimes we don’t need a conditioner at all.  By using a mild sulphate free shampoo your hair won’t end up stripped of its natural oils and this is better for your scalp health long term.

Not getting the sides cut enough.

Sharper sides around and above the ears will give the illusion of squaring off your face. This is even more important if you have a rounder face as it can help slim it down. Keeping the sides neatly trimmed is a once every fortnight job and may be something your hairdresser or a clever friend can do in between main cuts. You will look neater, fresher and if you can combine this with a professional beard trim you are onto a winner!

Using too much wax or gel.

Avoid gels and waxes where possible and use light clays or leave in sprays instead.  Waxes and gels are oil based and although they are good at controlling wavy hair and hair that refuses to stay in one place, they are also heavy and greasy.  They may look good for a few hours but will soon mean your hair is past its best. So much better to use a light matt clay or mousse first and then a gel spray rather than a heavy wax if you really want to hold it in place.  This method won’t weigh it down at the roots.  Dry shampoo is great for guys who have greasy hair and as a quick form of rescue for hair that is too weighed down with product!

Neglecting Scalp Care.

Extremely hot water, heat from hairdryers are all things that can cause the scalp to dry up. Often when men think they have dandruff it is actually dry scalp. This can hinder hair growth and is not much fun on a night out if you are wearing black. By using natural shampoos and also steam rooms are known to help, the scalp can be looked after. Rinsing your scalp in cold water after washing is also great as it helps increase circulation. Men often blow dry their hair these days and using the highest heat setting can be damaging. With shorter hair the medium or cool setting is best.






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